We are passionate about Sports.

We need the adrenaline, love the social event and agree upon it’s ethical values.

That’s why we are trying to help athletes keep doing what they do as long as possible. We want to support regeneration, extend playing life and help keeping sports what it should be: a competition at peak performances between the best – not the uninjured.

That’s why we combined best practice evidence based medical procedures with a compatible, stimulating and multifunctional device. To keep you running and enjoy what connects us all.

evocell is an easy to use device, that emits low energy shock waves onto your whole body while you are lying, training or having physiotherapy.

The micro-vibrations spread throughout the body in a wave-like fashion to stimulate each individual cell.

During the treatment you will notice a prickling feeling. Take your time to realize afterwards, how the waves are floating through your body (works best after a session of ~10-15 minutes in a relaxed, lying position).