evocell can help you to - just try it

For several years now, Dr. Schneider and Dr. Obersteiner at the Orthopedic Center Theresie in Munich tested evocell for clinical outcomes. And they are not giving it back.

We have set up a show room in our office at Mülheim, in which we regularly welcome guests to have a look at our facilities and try evocell. We woud love to welcome you as well. Just get in contact with us here.

You can integrate evocell into your training as a regenerative tool at the top equipped EMS gym of Life Gesundheit & Training now. Exactly what you need after a hard workout.

Trainers at the olympic center in Garmisch-Patenkirchen asked their athletes to write down honest feedback after using evocell to decide whether to keep it, or give it away. 1 Year later, the trainer send us the diary involving statements of skiiers, biathletes, ski jumpers, physiotherapists and trainers.


  • loosened their muscles
  • helped them to relax, regenerate and stretch
  • reliefed pain
  • gave them a good feeling

Most athletes used the evocell with frequencies of 20+ Hz for 10 about Minutes including exercising on it (w/wo physio)