evocell has previously been used mainly for treating, e.g., musculoskeletal disorders (e.g., acute and chronic pain) in orthopedics, physiotherapy, or rehabilitation. It reduces pain, muscle tension, and cortisol levels and increases lymphatic flow. While a wide variety of diseases can benefit from the relaxing effect of deep muscles, until now, we haven’t thought of one of the most physically stressed sections of our body: the temporomandibular joint.

It is responsible not only for chewing but is involved in many actions we constantly perform during the day: speaking, swallowing, or breathing. Additionally, dysfunction can influence our whole body from head to toe through changes in muscle tension and may result in symptoms like migraine, tinnitus, or fatigue.

Keeping an overview of the flood of new innovative medical products is often challenging. All the more remarkable when doctors have the drive to think outside the box out of passion and dedication to their profession. Thus, we are lucky to be introduced to Dr. Querling, who opened the field of craniomandibular dysfunction for evocell. We are excited about his overwhelmingly positive feedback on treating patients with CMD on evocell!

Have a look at his practice at: https://zahnarzt-praxis-winnenden.de/.