During spring 2022 a master thesis with the topic “the effect of a mechnotransductive whole body treatment regarding muscular tension, stress-induced metabolites and the open window after maximal physical exertion” was submitted by C. Lamper and evaluated by the Department of Sport and Health Sciences Munich.

Within this thesis (evaluated as “excellent”), C. Lamper investigates the effect of evocell on several parameters essential for regeneration after sports, like lactate, muscle tension, cortisol level, and leucocytes, with incredible outcomes:

The author states that while the mechanotransductive treatment seems to have no effect on leucocyte levels, the lactate absorption rate was accelerated and circulatory lactate levels reduced. Additionally, cortisol production and muscle tension (measured by tensiomyography, contraction amplitude, and time) after maximal exertion were reduced within the evocell treatment group compared to passive rest.

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