Frequently Asked Questions

evocell can be used as an addition to classical treatments of numerous disease patterns. The relaxing, stimulating and mobilizing effect, which is also used for sports or physiotherapy, is particularly helpful. Scientific evidence for the treatment and it’s effects can be found here.

evocell applies a low energy shock wave, which spreads out through your whole body. Scientific evidence shows, that the stimulation of mechanical transduction has multiple positive effects on e.g. regeneration, cell acitvation or the immune system.

Depending on the symptoms, treatment can be applied in a lying, sitting, kneeling or standing position, as a single intervention or in combination with other forms of treatment (manual therapy, fango, massage, etc.). evocell is suitable for passive (revocery, regeneration, relaxation) as well as active usage.

When used correctly, evocell is painless and cannot be compared to the intensity of a focused or radial shock wave, as it is a low-energy wave that is transmitted to the entire body.

evocell is available in numerours health and sports facilities nationally and internationally. Find out more about our locations here, or contact us if you cannot identify a location in your area. We are constantly supplying new facilities.

So far, only rare cases (1 of 100 patients) reported minor side effects such as dizziness or nausea. These symptoms can usually be avoided with adequate fluid intake. If you are unsure whether you can use evocell for your individual symptoms, consult your doctor first.